The Russian student who was meant to be arriving last Sunday finally arrived just before midnight on Wednesday night with a big bag of Russian chocolates and vodka for us.  He’d had some visa problems.  I spent a goodly portion of this week on the ‘phone to the language school that we host for trying to find out if and when he would arrive, and now that he is here, when he will leave.  The gist is that he will stay until early August (but I think I will need to see his ‘plane ticket to find out when he will actually be leaving!).  He has also decided to upgrade from bed and breakfast to half-board from tomorrow.  Tomorrow we are also due to have a Spanish woman arrive for 3 weeks, also on half-board – I’d better start planning the menus!  This last week having just myself, my husband and my father-in-law to cook for, we have just had simple salad based dinners with fruit for pudding.  Tonight we are having red lentil, lemon and thyme soup, home-baked challah bread, and melon.

Today I am re-painting our cloakroom (no, that is not a euphemism – we are blessed with a walk-in cupboard for coats and shoes by the front door).  In some ways it seems silly to spend time and energy painting a place that no one sees much of, but we all pop in there several times a day and my heart sinks when I do.  We have plenty of white paint for the ceiling (which I have now finished) and I am painting the walls with the green paint left over from painting the study when we moved in.  It was blue, grubby, and very poorly painted before.  Our electricity meter and fusebox are in there, mounted on unpainted plywood, so I am painting that and the rest of the woodwork white.  As I type this I am waiting for the walls to dry so I can put a second coat of green on.  The woodwork will probably have to wait ’til Tuesday. 


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