Adoption interviews and medical update

Simon had his interview on his own with the social worker – it took them 2 hours to go through his life story.  I have another interview with her this week to go through my life-story from 17 which is as far as we got during my 3-hour interview a couple of weeks ago! 

We had our medicals with our doctor last week.  We still didn’t know exactly how much we would have to pay when  we arrived (we’d been quoted £75 to £90 each).  At the end of the medicals I got out the cheque-book and the doctor very kindly said “Oh, no.  No, I won’t take money for this.”  We were very touched and very grateful.  What a blessing!

Our Criminal Records Bureau (police) checks have all come through much faster than usual (just over 2 weeks, instead of the 2 months it took last time mine was run), but the agency have decided that they need to try to check out the year and a half from when I was 16 to 17 (and a half) when I was still living in Turkish Cyprus.  Considering that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus isn’t even recognized by the British government this will be a little tricky and will certainly slow everything down. 


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  1. What a blessing!
    Isn’t it great how God’s hand of blessing reaches even into the doctor’s office. 🙂
    I pray that God straightens the path for the info need and that things move quickly.
    Ya’ll have a blessed Lord’s DAY!

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