I’m going to be off-line for a few days as I’m going to look after a friend who had a wrist operation two weeks ago and is having an operation on her knee today (they reckon that after a fortnight her wrist will have healed enough for her to manage crutches!).  She is mother to two little girls (the older, at two and a half, is my God-daughter), and owner of two of our dog’s brothers.  Her husband recently changed jobs and can’t take any time off to look after her.  So, I’m going to be having a very active and noisy few days!

Other news: 

  • I’m now up and about again having had to spend most of a week in bed, and I’m almost free of pain – we still don’t know what caused this, the best guesses so far are an early miscarriage or a functional cyst bursting.
  • The police are still looking for the man who broke into my neighbour’s house, but are very happy that they arrested the woman.  Apparently, her house was full of stolen goods (hopefully some of them can now be reunited with their owners).
  • Our Russian student was put down to a complete beginners class yesterday, after having spent two full weeks learning English here.  He spent an hour and a half  learning the alphabet and practising “Hello,” “How are you?” and “My name is __”.    During recess, he finally managed to sort out what was apparently a clerical error, and is now back in an intermediate level class.  This hasn’t stopped us all from mercilessly making fun of him, though!

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