Things not to say to a wife

I got home from my friends’ at 1.30 on Saturday, hot, sticky, and tired, and immediately set about making dinner in the slow cooker, turning over the just-vacated room for our next student, and doing the urgently needed cleaning I normally do on a Friday.  My husband saw me charging around with the vacuum cleaner (which to my delight has had a miraculous resurrection) and said,

“Are you doing all this just because one of the students arriving tomorrow is allergic to dust?”

You’ll all be relieved to hear that I managed to stop short of clobbering him with the vacuum cleaner.



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3 responses to “Things not to say to a wife

  1. to pull out the vacuum cleaner today. Can you just tell that I am in a real hurry to get the job done?

  2. I think we all have had those clobbering with a vacuum moments in our marriages. I always give my husband “the look” to which he replies “what?”. My favorite was when he had on an article of clothing of his that I sometimes wear and I commented that it looked baggy on him. His response, “You must have stretched it out.” I do realize that he did not say this out of malice or ill-will. It was just one of those things that could be taken the wrong way and result in a very icy shoulder.

  3. mrsc

    Bless him, you would think husbands would learn!

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