Fragile and jittery

We’ve had a brutal few days here:

  • First of all our Russian student’s taxi to the airport was 40 minutes late on Sunday evening, and the taxi firm had arranged to pick him up only 3 hrs before the flight, and we couldn’t get the taxi firm on the ‘phone, so we were all a bit jittery.  Then, when the taxi arrived our dog escaped and went on the run – it took us a good twenty minutes to get him back.  Then, a neighbour’s boyfriend came round to complain that the local children who were playing football in the church car park were making too much noise and using swear words (for once the kids were only being boistrous not vandalising anything) – and this from a man whose boyfriend (yes, you did read right) had just told Simon to “F*** your dog”.  This guy’s arrival on our doorstep brought all the kids round as well, and we were afraid everything might turn violent.  The kids were open to being talked to and dispersed calmly.  Not so the adult on our doorstep.  I was still shaking the next day.
  • Tuesday morning, while Simon was out, the church hall caretaker’s mother called round just as I was on my way to the hairdresser.  She told me her son had been arrested from home at 5 o’clock that morning because he had said he wouldn’t appear as a witness in an armed robbery trial that starts next week.  I lost my hairdresser’s appointment.  My husband had to take over the caretaker’s duties, as well.  Our caretaker was released at lunchtime, you will be relieved to hear, although he wasn’t brought back and had to make his way home from several miles away.  The legality of the arrest is being looked into at the moment.
  • Tuesday night we were woken at half past midnight by a man in the passageway that links our house and the road to the church.  He realised we’d seen him and climbed over the gate and went off down the road.  Whether his intention was to break in or whether he was on the run from police and trying to find somewhere to hide we don’t know.
  • On Wednesday, Simon’s found out his blood pressure is high, and he now has to have blood tests next week as well as a blood pressure check.
  • Finally, this morning I was going to take the dog for a good run on a common a little further away and then stop at the supermarket on the way home.  As I backed off the drive I felt as if I’d run over something.  I had.  I’d run over a  screw, put under our front wheel deliberately.  (I suspect the neighbours who came round on Sunday evening)  My father-in-law helped me change the wheel – so he felt very useful and I got to change my first tyre.  The tyre we lost was the one that was wearing down and would need replacing soon, so it could have been worse.

All in all, we feel a bit fragile at the moment – prayer support would be warmly welcomed.

On the plus side, the two students with us at the moment (a 16 yr old Russian girl and a 33 yr old Italian woman) are a delight to have around.  For once we have more girls in the house than boys.  And they know how to change a toilet roll!



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5 responses to “Fragile and jittery

  1. Isn’t God good to give a little good with the bad?

    Sounds like you have had a full plate.
    I will be praying for you. I know it is rough when you don’t know when the next thing will happen.
    I thank God that He is watching out for ya’ll and that He has good things in store for you.
    How cool about your two females.
    Maybe the older one can teach you some new dishes.
    I love Italian.

  2. Hope things have settled down and that you don’t have any more problems with the neighbors.

  3. If you can stop by my blog and check out my Sunday post.

  4. mrsc

    Don’t you find life like that? One thing after the other.

    If you can find the time, try and do something nice just for you and hubby, even if it’s baking your favourite cake.

  5. What a filled week.

    I hope it’s a but quieter now.

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