Both our students leave on Saturday, and I have no more bookings so I really have a feeling that I am winding down at the moment – almost getting “demob happy”!  In the meantime everything is pretty busy, though, with the added excitement of a visit from Simon’s birth brother.  I find it fascinating to watch them together, and to look at the similarities and differences in appearance.  (Our own adoption application is progressing slowly, our social worker cancelled our meeting a fortnight ago, our next one is this Thursday.  We are probably looking at going to panel in January/ February.)

Simon, on the other hand, is about as far removed from winding down as is possible.  He has three funerals this week, one of a baby.  He also had a funeral of a baby last week, as well.  Heart wrenching.  He had only ever had one baby funeral before, these being less common nowadays, happily, and more usually are handled by hospital chaplains who have had contact with the families on the ward.

On a much happier note, we have been booking our holiday for October – one week on the Isle of Harris (Outer Hebrides) off Scotland, and one week on (the Isle of) Skye, Lord willing.  We umm-ed and ah-ed about camping but finally went for the more comfortable option of cottages for both weeks.  My father-in-law will stay in the house and look after the cat, and will have younger cousin come to stay with him for company.


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  1. slgb65

    What fun!
    Our vacation time is over but I am hoping to sneak in a night or two around my birthday.

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