Well, all our students have left.  I am now trying to get into a new rhythm and establish routines that work.  It seems such a long time since it was just the three of us here, and the house now feels very large and very quiet (and it stays cleaner longer).  Not that I’m complaining! 

Dinners at the moment are:  baked potatoes, bean-based concoctions, or left-overs frozen during the summer.  Yum! 

I did the supermarket run yesterday and was delighted to end up with an unusually light trolley (compared to recent weeks) and a total cost of almost a third of what I’ve been spending on groceries recently! It felt good!



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  1. Oooh, I do like it when the shopping’s less than usual – Congratualtions. And I hope you enjoy your Sticky Chocolate Brownies!

  2. slgb65

    It seems that something must be wrong with my subscribe list because it is showing that you have made no new post–and yet here it is.
    I am looking forward to going to the store and finding the bill under what I normally spend.
    It seems since we have taken on my father in law that the bill has gone way up. He does not eat that much but I am cooking an extra meal at lunch time.
    Usually home by myself I don’t eat much of a lunch.
    Enjoy your quiet home. Soon there will be the pitter patter of little feet. 🙂

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