For almost a year now, since our local Blockbusters closed down, we have been using amazon’s DVD rental service.  We’ve been really pleased with it, and we can access DVDs we couldn’t previously find (such as the Time Life Bible adaptations, older films and TV series).  While Simon was out at a meeting last night I sat down (actually I stood up with the ironing!) to watch some sitcom episodes on the DVD that had just arrived.  As I was putting it into the machine I thought how odd it was that it looked just like the previous DVD which I’d returned that afternoon.  Yup, that’s right, I’d packaged up and sent back the one I’d just received.  My, did I feel stupid.  This type of mistake is totally out of character for me, but is exactly the kind of thing my husband would do.  My husband, who is gutted at missing out on some recorded comedy but is still deeply tickled by what I’ve done, sees this as proof that we really are growing together!

I’m dragging my feet this morning – two cups of tea in me and I still haven’t walked the dog (it doesn’t help that there is a funfair on the common for the next fortnight which really limits the walk).  When I return from walking him I am going to continue painting the bathroom.  I have done the ceiling, and have put one coat on the walls.  My goal is to get the second coat on the walls today and do a first coat on the woodwork.  Can’t you just tell I’m keen to get on with it!  Next week I’m tackling the utility room. . .

  • Dinner tonight is:  moussaka with pilav rice
  • tomorrow:  pasta with tuna and tomato sauce
  • Friday: kedgeree
  • Saturday: bean chili with rice
  • Sunday:  roast beef with all the trimmings
  • Monday:  tuna fajitas

Pudding is ice cream – there was a good offer at the supermarket this week.  I might make a cheesecake for Sunday, though.


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One response to “Doh!

  1. slgb65

    I am with you on the painting–great when finished but not a whole lot of fun in the process.
    I love you posting of your menu. I usually see something I don’t know–like kedgeree and moussaka.
    I love that you everyday meals sound so special and planned.

    Last night we had pot roast with onions, mashed potatoes, green beans and pineapple salad. –kind of boring sounding but it was good.
    Have a great day finishing up your painting!

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