I finally finished painting the bathroom yesterday.  The paint is now dry and, once I have removed the painting gear and cleaned, I will be able to declare the bathroom officially open for use again!  I don’t have the technology to show you an “after” picture, but here is a “before” one:
I took ages deciding what colour to paint it, and finally decided to go with the cheapest option:  use some of the paint left over from our hallway.  This is a slightly greenish-tinged white, and means we won’t need to replace the blind.  With the ceiling and the woodwork repainted too it all looks lighter and brighter.  Even the aged, discoloured lino looks a little brighter with the extra reflected light.  The lino looks filthy in the picture – it always does, we have the same stuff from the same vintage in the kitchen and utility room as well.  We can’t afford to replace it, so we will just have to live with it!  I’m going to brighten up the bathroom a bit more with a couple of prints.
As I said before, my next painting task is the utility room which you can see to the right of this photo taken from the kitchen:
The kitchen looks much better than this now, I painted it a darkish green last year.  When we moved in three years ago Simon and I painted the kitchen and utility rooms, study, dining room, living room and main bedroom (the rest I have been working on on my own ever since).  I chose all the colours and as a sop to my conscience asked Simon to choose a colour for the kitchen+utility rooms.  He chose pink, and it seemed like a nice idea at the time, but as soon as we’d finished one room we knew it was a mistake!  We didn’t have time to repaint what we’d done and had to paint the rest so we just pressed on regardless and lived with the pink until I got fed up with the feeling that I was cooking inside a giant marshmallow.  Oh, yes, did I forget to mention that my husband is colour-blind?!  I’d forgotten that when I let him choose the paint.
The utility room is also my father-in-law’s smoking room, so now it is a tobacco-stained pink, and the ceiling and woodwork (which we didn’t repaint anyway) are terribly discoloured.  That room is a pretty strong argument against smoking.  It needs some serious cleaning before I can start painting it. I have got the paint – white for ceiling and woodwork, dark green (as in the kitchen) for the walls.  My father-in-law is staying with a cousin for a few days next week so that should give me the perfect opportunity to get the job done!


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  1. slgb65

    My brother bought an old house from a elderly couple who were both smokers. They could not believe what came off the walls while cleaning.

    I love dark green and used it in the bathroom and our bedroom in the last house.
    We are now in a rental until we sell our property and find a house. This house is all tan. It does make it seem bigger but it is pretty blah.
    Looking forward to decorating a new to us home.
    Have fun with the painting and NO accidents! 😉

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