I’m taking a little break in my heavy day of serious cleaning.  I’ve let the housework pile up a bit while painting the bathroom, and the difference as I move round the house with vacuum, mop, etc. is wonderful to behold!  Seeing such a huge change is great and rewarding, but I would rather keep on top of things and not let it get out of hand to start with (by yesterday I was needed to apologise to anyone entering the house, not a good state to get to.  I also wanted to drag them up to the bathroom to prove I actually had been busy!).  When I’ve done some more scrubbing I’m going to finish up by washing myself and the dog (yes, unfortunately I have to get in the shower with him to wash him), and cleaning the shower (necessary after washing dog).  I don’t think the dog will be seeing eye to eye with me over the whole “isn’t the change from filthy to clean wonderful” thing!  Final job of the day is to give myself a manicure – much needed, I have finger nails peeling at the moment.

I’ve also got a bit of baking to do this evening (my challah bread is already rising nicely).  Our “high tea and croquet on the Vicarage lawn” pledge from our church promises auction earlier in the year has been called in.  The couple who are coming paid a whopping £45 (to the church) for the dubious pleasure of this treat so it needs to be pretty good!  I have bought in a few items for this, which made me feel such a cheat but turned out to be a smart move – I didn’t know they were coming until last night.  Oh well, it may not all be homemade, but my nails will be manicured and there will be one very eager, clean and glossy spaniel to greet them – you can’t put a price on that!


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