High tea and croquet went well. Our guests enjoyed themselves, they won at croquet (we let them win!), but they didn’t eat nearly as much as I had thought they would (I seem to instinctively cater for gargantuan teenage boy appetite, I have no idea why) so we are happily ploughing our way through left over cakes this week.  I looked at afternoon tea menus for the Ritz and Claridge’s for extra inspiration, and this is what I served:

  • sparkling wine (for £45 I though they deserved the closest equivalent I could give them to the champagne tea!); tea; mini sandwiches: cucumber on wholemeal bread and smoked salmon pate on my homemade challah bread; Victoria sponge sandwich; coffee cakes; lemon cakes; sultana scones with cream and strawberry jam; florentines, fondant fancies and Vienna biscuits (these last were all shop-bought).

My father-in-law is staying with his cousin this week, so we are having very simple dinners mainly based on leftovers I froze when we had students staying.  I have painted the ceiling in the utility room, prepared the woodwork, and put a first coat on the walls – and I’m finding it all very hard going, my hand, neck and shoulders are suffering.  I keep telling myself it is going to be worth it when it is finished, and I’m treating myself to a couple of hours in front of my father-in-law’s satelite TV when I’ve completed my work quota for each day.  That, and the leftover cakes are keeping me motivated!


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  1. slgb65

    Here we go again.
    I was here and I commented but alas, there is no evidence of my comment.
    So–I wrote about how you must have been glad that you finally got to use your tea set that you bought not long after the auction.
    And about how it was good you were keeping so busy painting because with all the extra cakes and the TV watching you might get in trouble.
    I also said thanks for posting pictures because some of us will probably never make it your way and it is nice to see what things look like.
    I can’t remember if I wrote anything else so this will have to do. 🙂
    Hope the painting is going well.

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