of painting, cakes and theatre

The computer is super-duper slow today – but then so am I, so that fits together nicely!  Every time I have gone to blog over the last week something more urgent has come up.  For the most part it has been a really nice week, though.

The utility room painting is complete – I still have to clean the floor and put things back (one of my jobs for today), but my work with the paintbrush at least is done.  The walls are now a respectable and calming dark green.  Which now means we have no wacky, funny colour rooms in our house.  Which somehow makes me feel a little dull.  I’m itching to paint something bright orange just to redress the balance.  Mind you, our walls may be dull and normal, but we, the people, are not (and to think, for years I just wanted to be normal).

Something that has slowed down the painting work considerably is that I’ve been making and decorating birthday cakes for my mother.  It is her 60th birthday next weekend, and she will be spending it with us.  As it is a significant milestone and her other special birthdays have never really been marked, however, I thought it would be nice to surprise her with birthday cake at coffee after worship at her church on Sunday.  So, finally, I finished off two large, heavy fruitcakes, both trimmed with fuschia ribbon, white butterflies on one, coloured ones* on the other, and took them on the long journey to my mother’s church yesterday.  OK, technically not too long a journey – I am in South London, she in is Berkshire,  towards Oxford, west of London – but you try managing several changes of public transport with two heavy fruitcakes that you desperately want to keep intact, and which are (did I mention this?) heavy.  It was such a relief when I finally deposited them at the back of my mother’s church.  I felt so light and free as I walked the mile back to the station and journeyed back.

The other thing that has been happening is that Simon and I have been celebrating our 7th Wedding Anniversary.  We had a meal out and went to the theatre – twice!  Decadent, I know!  We went to see Love’s Labour’s Lost at Shakespeare’s Globe on Sunday evening (Simon had arranged to take the evening off), and then Fiddler on the Roof (Savoy theatre) on the Monday.  Neither of us knew Love’s Labour’s Lost, so we had started reading it through together playing different characters (fun!) but ran out of time in Act 4.  It was very well acted, but it is never going to be a favourite Shakespeare play with me.   Fiddler on the Roof I had never seen before, although I knew the title song, and it was absolutely fantastic.  Our seats were upgraded from upper circle to dress circle as they had closed the upper circle for that evening, so that gave us a buzz to start with!  The atmosphere in the theatre was amazing as the entire audience was swept away by the production.  It was so good I’m taking my mother to see it next week as an extra birthday treat, in addition to her request to see the Mousetrap.

*I’d spent ages choosing suitable colours to paint the butterflies, but it was the cake with the white ones that looked better in the end.  Either way, I’m not about to win any prizes for cake decorating.



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3 responses to “of painting, cakes and theatre

  1. slgb65

    You should have posted pictures of the cakes.
    Congrats on the anniversary! We will be celebrating our 18 in November.
    And happy birthday to your MOM.
    I will be having one this coming Thursday.
    I have been running across a lot of September birthdays.
    I can’t even imagine trying to transport two cakes the way you did. Glad they arrived safely and she will be so pleased with the surprise.
    We don’t do theater really. Although when I was younger I saw Peter Pan and Oklahoma.
    I would love to see fiddler on the roof. It would be nice some time to go to New York and see a Broadway production.
    Just once–I think it would be nice.
    How cool of God to bless you with the nice seats.
    Need to go.
    Have a great Lords day!

  2. vicaragekate

    I never did take a photo – I was slightly disappointed that they just didn’t look as perfect as the picture in my imagination, but mostly I was just rushing too much to catch the necessary tube, tube, train and taxi! I spoke to my mother this afternoon and she was really surprised and happy – and she had run home from church (she lives above the church office) to get her camera and take a photo of the cakes before they were cut, so there may be a photo to post in due course.
    Congratulations on your anniversary, we are only on 7 years, so lots of catching up to do!

  3. Happy Anniversary! We celebrated our 7th in July. You have been busy. I have never been brave enough to tackle decorating cakes. The theater sound wonderful. Hubby and I have to do that one of these days.

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