This week’s menu is pretty basic (that’s code for “cheap” – I’m making up slightly for last week’s and next week’s festivities).  Our default pudding will be ice-cream.

  • Monday – bean chili and rice; today’s leftover lemon and sultana cheesecake
  • Tuesday – baked potatoes with tuna mayo, salad
  • Wednesday – sausages, mashed potatoes, carrots;  applesauce (the last from our own apples)
  • Thursday – pasta “marinara” (in this house that means I add some tinned tuna to my tomato sauce)
  • Friday – veggie pizza
  • Saturday – we are going to a barndance and harvest supper at church, I’ve been requested to make 6 pumpkin pies!

Looking ahead to next week, my mother will be staying with us for her birthday, and my aunt (her sister) will be coming to lunch on Sunday.  Sunday’s menu will be:

goat’s cheese and redcurrant jelly (from our own redcurrants!) filo pastry parcels; slow-roasted lamb with garlic and rosemary, olive oil roast new potatoes, green beans, carrots; an extremely gooey chocolate birthday cake – yum!



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  1. Wow! What delicious food! Your own apples! And cheesecake! And that birthday dinner sounds absolutely amazing. Have a great week!

  2. Welcome to MPM, yeah!!!

  3. slgb65

    Sunday lunch sounds fantastic!
    Can I come lunch?
    That would be an expensive lunch indeed! 🙂

  4. vicaragekate

    Come on over, Sharon – I’ll even take you to a musical!

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