This is only half a week’s menu as we are going on holiday (to the Isle of Harris and then to Skye) on Thursday (‘rah, rah, rah!).  I’ve been buying some dried food staples and cans to see us through most of our holiday food requirements, Simon is already worrying that I’ll have problems fitting everything into our little car! 

  • Monday – my mother’s 60th birthday – we are taking her out for a Chinese meal in Chinatown before going to see “the Mousetrap” in the West end.  My father-in-law isn’t fit enough to come with us, so he will have one of my homemade frozen meals (when I have left overs I freeze them in meal size portions) – roast beef, yorkshire pudding, potatoes, veg., gravy + birthday cake.
  • Tuesday : my mother and I are going out, we have a special deal for tickets to see “Fiddler on the Roof” (it was so good when Simon and I saw it on our wedding anniversary, and I knew my mother would enjoy it, so I booked to go again), our deal includes a starter and main course at a restaurant round the corner so that’s our food sorted.  Simon and my father-in-law will have my homemade ready meals again, this time a choice between boeuf a la Flamande (beef in ale, if you prefer)or Somerset pork.
  • Wednesday – salmon en croute (I made this and froze it on Friday afternoon so that my mother and I could go out for the day without my having to worry about food), vegetables;  Tiramisu
  • Thursday – Lord willing we will be on the way to Scotland at dinner time, but our social (adoption) worker is interviewing us in the afternoon and joining us for lunch.  Lunch will be:  homemade bread rolls, lemon and thyme red lentil soup; cake.


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  1. Great looking menu, everything looks yummy!!!

    Happy MPM!


  2. slgb65

    The menu sounds great and the social worker will know your child will be well fed.
    How fun–your going on vacation?
    I am sure you will have a wonderful time.
    Thank you for going into detail about the food–it is interesting to this old restaurant person.

  3. slgb65

    Just checking in to see if all is O.K.
    Hope you had a great vacation time.

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