We’re back in town!

luskentyrebeach.jpg – a beach on South Harris, some of the scenery we have left behind.

We are back from our hols (in the Outer Hebridean isles of Harris and Lewis, and then on the Isle of Skye), and we had a great time.  We even had good weather, well, for the time of year anyway!  I’ve returned with bruised ribs due to a bad fall caused by the dog, so in a bit of pain (quite a lot actually, and moving slowly), but otherwise all is well.  I even did some of the driving, notching up a little over a thousand miles (total journey was 2300 miles).  This is dramatically better than when we went to the Orkneys a few years ago and I drove a grand total of 22 miles (about 1% of the mileage).  To say that I’ve never been a happy driver is a bit of an understatement!  By the grace of God, I’m improving and gaining confidence.  Simon has always been wonderful about doing all the driving, but has really enjoyed being able to see the views from the passenger seat this time. 

Coming back down to London was a shock to the system after the Outer Hebrides – so many people and so much traffic.  I did miss the supermarket though!  It was wonderful to be able to go somewhere quite different from here on holiday, but I know we are living where we are meant to be at the moment.

Quiet though it was, the dog kept us from getting too relaxed.  Sheep everywhere meant that he had to be on the lead at all times.  Even on the lead he tried herding/ chasing sheep and deer, and flushed out a ptarmigan and a couple of rabbits.  Apart from pulling me over (a sheep attracted his attention, I landed particularly badly because I kept hold of the lead),  he also managed to escape twice, and Simon also dropped his lead three times (so three times very stressful 20-30 min episodes of trying to recapture him).  And, yes, in case you wondered, the topic of how come I managed to keep hold of the dog’s lead despite injuring myself while my husband is incapable of admiring scenery and holding the lead at the same time is one which has been aired.  Frequently.  Our Houdini hound (or “Houndini,” if you prefer) also managed two cunning escapes (going through three “secure” fences in a row on the second escape).  The first was when we stopped overnight with friends in Scotland on the way up.  Our dog and their’s were happily running between kitchen and garden as we enjoyed woderful hospitality.  I was just thinking that things had gone a little quiet when the doorbell rang and Bertie the dog was carried in in disgrace.  He had scaled a gate and a fence into next door’s garden, chased next door’s cat, then gone into the house and greeted the lady like a long last friend! 

Now I’m off to prepare for my women’s Bible study group tonight.  We’re doing a series on women in the New Testament at the moment. . .



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2 responses to “We’re back in town!

  1. slgb65

    Glad you arrived home safely-even though you are a little sore. That was a long drive for a trip. Usually we venture off a little further during our summer trips.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Enjoy your study!

  2. slgb65

    A little something for you on my Sunday post!

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