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The clocks went back last night which means that I have had an extra hour today, so where has it gone?  I still ended up rushing to get to choir practice this morning (before I joined the choir I was always rushing to get to church, at least now I’m always there in good time for worship!) 

It is half five (pm), I’m sitting here in the dark and it feels like midnight!  I have always hated the darkness of autumn/winter here, but gradually I’m growing to love and value each season. 

So what have I been doing this afternoon?  I’ve been spending a bit of time on the computer this afternoon (not something I usually do on a Sunday) trying to catch up on a little blog reading, and clicking from one blog onto another being inspired by the lives and faithfulness of ladies whose blogs I’ll probably never be able to find again!  I’ve also spent ages on the ‘phone talking to my mother.  While Simon has been at home between visits, he and I have been talking through the sermons he is working on for this week.  I’m desperately trying to stop the dog barking at the many fireworks that are let off once it is dark at this time of year, and thinking again about an electric collar for him (or maybe tranquilisers – either for him or for the rest of us!).  I need to put our roast beef and our potatoes in the oven in a minute, but I made pudding (cappucino panna cotta) yesterday so this meal is low on preparation time.  After dinner Simon and I will watch an episode or three of a comedy on DVD, my father-in-law will come in, stand in the door way and talk over it for a while, but will choose to go upstairs to his TV and his programmes.  The dog will curl up on Simon’s lap, and I will sit leaning against him on the with my legs up on the sofa.  We will get confused about what time it is since we haven’t altered all the clocks yet, then realise it is later than we thought.  Simon will put the dog to bed, and check on his father (who will be asleep with the TV on).  Then prayers and bed.  These long dark evenings are great for cuddling and TV watching!


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