There was some filming going on when I was walking the dog on the common this morning.  They were filming a tall young man and a much shorter woman walking along and talking.  I didn’t recognize the actors but in any case I was much more interested in the way the extras were despatched on cue to walk past, across and behind the main actors.   One of the extras told me that they were filming a new BBC film/drama called “May contain nuts” * – I’ll be looking out for when that comes out on TV, there is always something rather thrilling about seeing a place you know well on TV or on a film. 

* A little googling suggests that this is actually an ITV not BBC project as the extra told me.  It seems that this in an adaptation of a book of the same name by John O’Farrell.


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  1. We used to live in Vancouver, Canada, where Stargate and X-files (and many other) TV shows were filmed. We happened on many film crews in the park across the street from us. It is fun to catch an episode and figure out where it was filmed.

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