Adoption update: eating elephants

  •  Q:  How do you eat an elephant?
  •  A:  One bite at a time.

We had another interview with our adoption social worker yesterday.  She is so positive and reassuring, and we really do need that at the moment since we are struggling with the huge, gigantic amount of writing up we have to do.  Everything from our life history to our understanding of child development, from our finances to our attitudes to gender roles, from what we argue about to how we show affection to each other, all has to be written up.  Mammoth task.  Aaargh.  Even the dog has a three page questionnaire (training, role in household, toilet habits, worming, etc).  We also have to do an “eco map” showing details of our support networks (from friends and family to professional organizations such as doctor, adoption agency) and what support/help we could get from each.  It does all seem terribly daunting, but we are plodding along slowly, one bite of the elephant at a time. 



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3 responses to “Adoption update: eating elephants

  1. Hi, I saw your comment on a US blog about Halloween, and realised you are a “neighbour” on this side of the pond.

    I have Christian friends who are going through their second adoption, so I realise a little of what a huge elephant it is to get thru. Hope all goes well for you.

    And I was interested to see you’d been in the OH and Skye, I was born in Lewis and lived in Skye till I was 12. Tho’ I’ve never been back.

    Nice to meet you

  2. slgb65

    Here’s to plenty of tea to go with each bite.
    I think the feet are going to be a little tough so make sure you are with your hubby in case you need a little help getting it down. 🙂

    Sorry being silly.
    I pray the paper work comes and goes like the wind.

  3. Hey Kate,

    Keep on chewing! Eventually – you’ll get that elephant conquered.

    Much love,


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