Trashcan I’ve just spent the morning (after walking dog and putting some bread up to rise) clearing out some cupboards in church with another lady.  Actually we had to clear quite a lot before we could even get to the cupboards in some cases!  We were quite ruthless and bagged up a lot of stuff to be thrown away and to be recycled.  Now I just need to keep the same ruthless spirit to sort out the house.  I am a terrible hoarder, keeping all kinds of things just in case, it comes from many years of deprivation.  Moving house regularly really does help to keep my hoarding under control, but in the three years since we moved in here I’ve managed to gather in quite a bit of stuff.  I think the time for another clear out has come!


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  1. slgb65

    I know your plight. But it is my hubby who is the pack rat. I am not sure why he feels that he must have what he brings home-but he does.
    It was good to declutter when we moved out of our last house. If the new one does not have a yard–we may be safe. We may be better with no garage either.;)

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