Don’t you just hate it when one task creates more work to be done?  I was out shopping today, buying some birthday and Christmas presents.  On my return I found that one of the Veggie Tales DVDs I bought won’t play at all.  I wouldn’t normally play DVDs/ CDs that I’ve purchased as a gift, but this time I wanted to check whether it was age-appropriate for its recipient (and, yes, I really wanted to see it myself).  Just as well I did try playing it.  So, it is an early trip back to the shop tomorrow to get this sorted out, before I can get on with my Friday-is-cleaning-day routine!

UPDATE:  I took the DVD back to Wesley Owen bookshop and explained.  They put it in their machine, and hey presto, it played.  Perfectly.  I was flabbergasted.  They were very nice and gave me a replacement one.  Which doesn’t play on our machine either – I took it round to a friend’s house and it does play on their machine.  We have had a couple of problems with rental DVDs recently, but it now looks as if most of the problems are to do with our machine. 


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  1. slgb65

    Well that is really strange that you got a video that did not work. Julia loved the Veggie Tales until she was about 6 or 7. Now we have quite a few and we use them during our summer camps.

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