I’m in the middle of what has turned into a very sociable week!  Friends round on Sunday evening to play a game, a friend and her little girls staying mid-week, my mother visiting on Saturday, an adoption group walk on Sunday afternoon, plus my Wednesday evening ladies’ Bible study . . . it is one big social whirl!  And yes, I am enjoying it!

And Simon and I went to the Royal Ballet (Covent Garden) on Monday evening to see Romeo and Juliet (Prokofiev) – lovely, although I’ve never been a fan of the story!

In between all of this I’ve been knitting for the world’s largest Christmas stocking :


I’ve completed one 8 inch red square towards the total of 7500 that are needed for this project.  If you’d seen the problems I had starting this square you would agree this was an unlikely achievement – I had to make three attempts before I got something I could work on, and I hurt my left index finger before I realised that what I thought was purl stitch was one completely of my own creation.  I have now started a second square and am improving, but I was 10/11 years old when I last tried knitting, so I am quite rusty.  It sure is a lot quicker to knit a row at 34 than it seemed when I was 10, though!


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  1. slgb65

    I have a blanket that I have been working on on and off. It is for my daughter and she wonders if it will be done for Christmas. I think I had better get moving. Right now it will cover her from chin to knee–thinking it needs some serious attention if it is going to be finished on time.
    Keep going. Some little kid will be happy to receive it. If you finish it by the 10 of December take a picture and join our Christmas blessing post. 😉

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