Have you ever gone shopping and come back with more than you planned to get? 

Gone in for one item and come out with a full bag? 

I was near Ikea last week so I stopped in to get some tealights and have a cup of coffee. 

I came out with a rug. 

Well, two actually. 

One 2ft by 3ft for Simon’s study, and one kilim style one (that is woven, no pile) 5 1/2ft by 6 1/2ft


for the bedroom (picture).  Also some candles, candleholders and cloth napkins (we are finally making the switch from paper to cloth).  All were bargains, and Simon especially loves the rug for the bedroom (he is very much a “as long as I don’t have to come shopping with you it is OK” type of man). 

It was a bit of a struggle getting everything back on foot, by bus and tram! 

Just think what I could bring back if I actually took the car! . .

On second thoughts, it might be wiser to stick with public transport. . .


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