We saw our Adoption social worker on Thursday and handed over the 5,000+ words we have already written towards our application (covering our relationship, lifestyle, support, parenting capacity, other adults in the home, fertility issues).  We both still have to complete and hand in the sections we have to write as individuals: about our childhoods, life history up to when we met each other, and who we are now.  We plan to have all this with our social worker by the end of this month.

I was confused about what happened with all this written bumf – I thought it was read by each member of the decision making panel.  Apparently what actually happens is that our poor social worker has to write a synopsis of it all and pass that on, and what we’ve written stays in our file.  I am reassured that we are getting nearer the end of the written work. 


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  1. Hoping the adoption goes well. Yesterday our friends finally met their third child, he has finally after a long hard road, joined their family. It is a beautifully happy time for them, and I hope you are able to focus on the reward, rather than the difficulties along the way.

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