’tis the season to. . . cough. . .

I’m recovering from bronchitis – feeling better than I was but still feeling remarkably foul.  At least my coughing isn’t keeping everyone awake at night any more!  My father-in-law is also recovering from bronchitis but his is self-inflicted chronic bronchitis caused by 70 years of smoking.  And he has had antibiotics to help him on his way to recovery, whereas at 34 I’m just supposed to pull myself together and heal myself with willpower (I keep reminding myself that 100 years ago there were no antibiotics).  So I am not feeling remotely sympathetic to him!  He, much to his credit, feels I’ve had a raw deal, and keeps offering to make me cups of tea (so I obviously am really sick!).  I was too ill to go to Church yesterday morning – this seems to have caused shockwaves in our church family!

I had to go to hospital to have a pelvic scan last week.  My periods have been horrendous with large clots for a while.  The scan showed that my uterine lining was fine but that I now have (new since 2 years ago) a large endometriomal cyst on my left ovary.  I still have to go back to my GP to discuss options, but I’d like to go there knowing something about this condition and the implications for my health and fertility.  If anyone out there knows of a good website, or if someone has personal experience they’d be willing to share, I would be really grateful to hear from you.



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  1. slgb65

    Well, we are ten years apart. You are a young’un 😉
    Sorry you are not feeling good. But I am glad you are on the upswing.
    I have had a little experience with both of what you are having problems with. I did have to have my uterus removed because of the heavy flow. So it is nice to no longer have a monthly visit.
    The only thing about having this done is that eventually my body will realize that having babies is no longer an option and it will stop producing hormones.
    Now as for the cysts–I have had those too. They kept an eye on them with ultrasounds. I could always tell that I had one because of the pain in my lower stomach. They are a good sign to me because they tell me that my body is still producing hormones. So when I feel one–they come around that time of the month–then I thank God that my body is still producing hormones. I have never had a cyst pop-but I hear they are painful. My body usually just absorbs mine. So they are not dangerous-but they do hurt at times.
    I do understand that if the liquid in the cysts are clear-that is a good thing. They can tell this by an ultrasound.
    When they first found my cysts they said they could treat them with birth control pills. But I get really whacked out on birth control pills. They can also take care of the heavy bleeding this way.
    Also from what I understand they can do a DNC and take care of the heavy bleeding for a while.
    Hope this helps.
    And maybe relieves a little worry.

  2. I found you through Dawn and Holly! I resonate with a lot of your fertility issues (read back a bit). I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis just over a year ago (awful, awful time). I’m not sure if this is what you have, but I did have lots of endometriomas on my ovaries (and EVERYWHERE else). I ended up having surgery to remove it all. The surgeon said he got it all, and it ‘should’ have left me with the ability to conceive, but we are still waiting on that, sigh. I’ve chosen to go other routes, but it is a hard, hard road.

    THe surgery was fine – very painful, afterwards, but fine. I can’t say that my periods got any easier, but other things definately improved. I hope this answers some of your questions.


  3. I am SO sorry you have been ill, and so sorry for your ongoing struggles. My prayers are with you, dear Kate.

  4. vicaragekate

    Thank you for your sympathy and, Sharon and Valerie, for sharing your stories so generously. I’m thankful it is just the one endometrioma – I’ll update after I’ve finally seen my GP.

  5. I can’t help you with info. (My problem seems to be PCOS.) But I am sorry for all the health problems. My prayers are with you as well.

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