Is it just me

 or does time actually speed up as you get closer to Christmas?  Mind you, this is probably not a point of view shared by children – when I was little time certainly slowed to a snail’s pace in the run up to Christmas.  I really think some research should be done on this.  Maybe for each adult who experiences a time-flying-past run-up to Christmas there is a child for whom time has slowed by the exact same proportion, thus ensuring that minutes, hours and days continue to have the same over-all duration and the world continues to spin at the normal pace. 

I have finally written and posted (just) all my Christmas cards.  Except, as we all know, there will inevitably be one (dozen or so) unexpected cards, and I will be hurriedly scrawling return greetings as I open the post, then making a dash for the post box.  On the plus side my writing looks like a scrawl anyway (I’ve been told I should have trained as a doctor many times) so no one will be able to tell the difference.

Thinking of doctors, I had a ‘phone call yesterday from my GP’s surgery summoning me to an appointment with the doc next Tuesday.  He has got my pelvic  ultrasound results from the hospital (endometriomal cyst on left ovary) and unlike me obviously doesn’t think this can wait until after Christmas. 

Something that definitely can’t wait is the typing/photocopying/collating of orders of service for church. This afternoon’s workload is the order for the carol service.  Must remember to give myself a manicure this evening for that proper secretarial look!


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  1. slgb65

    I will be praying. Please let me know what they say.
    I have finished up my cards too. Sending Christmas cards don’t seem to be as popular in my area anymore so it is unlikely that I will be getting any that cause me to have to send any more out.

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