tree toppers

Admiring everyone’s decorations on the Christmas tour I’m starting to wonder if there is some kind of denominational separation in tree toppers along the lines of: good Protestants have stars, Catholics have angels???  I have both (that would be the Anglican via media, I guess!), which one goes topmost depends purely on which I can get to balance up there.  The angel has a hollow skirt so has the advantage in this.  Plus she is beautiful, and she was a good bargain one January.  It does bother me that I’m promoting this image of angels though.

Growing up we had a paper fairy with a skirt that folded out on the top of the tree.  She was blue and white with little touches of silver,  and we she reigned over the tree until she fell to pieces around the age of 20.  By which time I had long since thought she needed to be replaced with something more appropriate to the reason for the season, but still cherished as I remembered thinking she was sooo beautiful when I was little.



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2 responses to “tree toppers

  1. slgb65

    I have an angel on the top of the tree. I think for the last several years we have had an angel. I guess it is to remind us all of the ones who first proclaimed His birth.
    But I think when we first got married we had a star.
    My son had picked it out because it was very bright and dramatic (gaudy). We used it for a long time until my daughter came along and then it was time for her to pick one out.
    And that is the history of our tree topper. 🙂

  2. That’s funny! However, my Mom grew up with a star, my Dad an Angel. (Both Catholic families). At our hosue we have 2 trees, one has a star and the other has an Angel.

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