the Christmas trees have arrived

It is with huge relief that I can report that we now have a Christmas tree in our home, together with three in the Church.  And not only do we now have these trees, but we actually have them upright in stands!  I did try telling my husband that putting up the trees was definitely a two man job, but he pointed out that he didn’t have another one of those around at the moment.  Apparently I am quite useful really.  And available.  My back does ache, though.

We managed to buy the trees yesterday afternoon.  We walked down the road to where someone had been selling them for the past fortnight, only to find that they had obviously sold out and shut up shop.  So we tried the garden centre where we bought them last year.  The guy acted shocked that we had left it so late and showed us his two remaining trees.  He took pity on us when he discovered that we were buying for a church and cut us a deal on two of his three display trees.  With those two and the last two in the shop we had our quota of one for the house and three for church.  So we were happy to get the trees (and they are nice ones), and he was happy to be making extra money selling his display.  We now have a note in the diary to order the trees from there at the beginning of November.

I was at the doctor’s when the trees actually arrived.  When I saw our one I was sure we had one of the two from the display – they are the same height so need to be the two either side of the altar in church.  I lay down on the floor next to the tree to prove it was too tall to be ours and must belong in the church.  (we do have a tape measure but we would have to find it first and I was right there).  So Simon and I carried that tree back to church, where we discovered that the height difference was not what we thought.  Still convinced that we had picked up the wrong tree, we carried one of the others round here.  Putting the church ones in stands this lunchtime I realised that the trunk on one was too wide to fit in a stand, but would fit in our bucket-of-gravel (so fetching) at home.  So back to the house came that tree and back to the church went the one from the house – this time with my husband mumbling something about how he was done carrying Christmas trees around, and something else about having three sermons to write.  Anyhow, all four are now upright in the right locations.  I had to saw off some lower branches on our one which means I have plenty of greenery to decorate the house with.  Of course, the living room and hallway are already liberally strewn with pine needles after all the tree moving.  Hmm, maybe I can convince everyone that it is under-foot decorating and thus not bother hoovering them up. . .   No, thought not!



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2 responses to “the Christmas trees have arrived

  1. slgb65

    Well I am glad you finally got a tree!
    Now it will feel more festive.
    How cool that your church puts up three trees.
    It is just traditional or does it have something to do with the season? And how do they decorate the ones in the church?
    I use the cut off stuff for the mantle too. Usually when we get the tree I pick up some of the stuff that is lying around from the other trees. If I can get it outside for free why should I pay for the stuff they have inside.
    I have the pine needle thing to. But if I don’t hover them up, I find Paw Paw down on hands and knees picking it up. 😦

  2. vicaragekate

    Just clear lights on the trees in the Church, nothing else. A Church tree I saw once had clear lights (light of the world) and red ribbons (for the blood of Christ) – it looked really striking, but so far we’ve only got the lights. I don’t know whether they have always had three trees here, but we had a Christmas tree festival 2 years ago so people seem to expect lots of trees now. Most churches here do have Christmas trees.
    I love that your father-in-law picks up the needles – the only creature other than me here likely to pick anything off the carpet is the dog!

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