Well, I took down the Christmas decorations last night and sadly turned off the Christmas tree lights which I love.  On the plus side we will now be able to get at the piano which was blocked by the gigantic tree.  Before anyone points out that I still have my Christmas decorations up on this site, I will be taking those down over the next couple of days, technology and my brain power permitting.

First things first, however.  Tomorrow is 8th January – not a date that might sound significant to you, perhaps, but to us it is the date that has been ear-marked for the past month or so to tidy up the study.  To give you an idea take a look at these pics:




Believe me, I have not tried to make the place look any worse than it is, in fact in these photos it looks somewhat less scary than it does in real life.  So we have a big task ahead of us tomorrow afternoon.

By the way these photos were taken today.  We now (finally) have a digital camera!!  And a whole new world of technology opens up. . . Please bear with me while I get to grips with the camera and with posting photos, and then, as Sharon suggested, I will finally be able to take photos when I am out and about and bore you with them share them with you!


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  1. slgb65

    Looking forward to some pictures!!!!
    Good luck(well I don’t believe in that) so I guess I could say–God speed with organizing the study.
    I can’t stand things unorganized but I tend to make the job more than they should be once I get started.

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