This is shaping up to be a bad week for laundry.  First of all my iron broke down – I tried changing the fuse but the heating element has obviously conked out – and I had to borrow a neighbour’s to finish my ironing.  Secondly, the dog has just managed to get big muddy dog paw marks on one of my clean ironed sheets that was airing on a radiator.  Grrr!  I’m now off to buy a new iron and do the weekly shop before I can tackle The Big Study Clear-Up.  Hopefully no laundry involved there!



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  1. mrsc

    Hope you get a new iron in the sales 🙂

  2. slgb65

    You iron your sheets!
    Boy do I feel bad. I honestly don’t think I have ever ironed a sheet. Usually they go straight from the dryer to the bed.
    But I do iron—–just not sheets.
    My roommate in college used to think I was funny because I ironed my slips.
    Don’t do that anymore either.
    I just try not to wear anything that requires a slip. 😉

  3. mrsc

    I loved ironed sheets, they look so good on the bed. but then I love ironed towels too.

  4. vicaragekate

    I love ironed sheets. I don’t iron towels, though, and now I’m wondering what I’m missing out on. I quite enjoy ironing if I can watch something on the TV – in fact it makes me feel productive while getting square eyes.

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