We had a great time with our friends (and their two miniature dachshunds, the smaller of which dominated our spaniel) yesterday afternoon.  We actually ended up going out for an early dinner at one of the more colourful South Indian restaurants down the road.  Delicious – but no time to play a game as well.

This morning I went on a fabric hunt, travelling for nearly an hour on the tube to North London.  I was underground for so long it came as a surprise to be plunged back into daylight when we came to an overground section.  I’d seen adverts for this big warehouse with quality curtain and upholstery fabrics sold at reduced prices, they also have a ready-made curtain section so I had high hopes of getting something to replace our bedroom curtains and some fabric for some other projects around the house.  It turned out not to be quite the bargain place I’d been led to believe, and the ready-made curtains were dull.  They did indeed have a very wide choice of fabrics and I finally, after lots of umm-ing and ah-ing selected a fabric for me to make up the bedroom curtains in.  It has vine leaves in different shades of green with what looks like frogspawn but is probably meant to be bunches of grapes in the background.  I had toyed with the idea of something flowery but nothing was quite right.  7 metres was what I needed and there was exactly 7.2m on the role.  The man who measured it out rolled it straight onto another cardboard roll – I’d imagined it would be folded and bagged like my usual fabric purchases – and then enclosed it in a heavy-duty polythene tube.  It was just as well that was the only thing I purchased as when I got outside it was drizzling lightly and this got heavier as I walked to half mile or so to the tube station.  By the time I’d got home it was pouring with rain and the wind was also blowing quite strongly.  Feeling rather tempest tossed I staggered the half mile back to the house.  The fabric, still enclosed in polythene, is dripping in the lobby (hence no photo) and I have revived myself with a steaming mug of coffee.

Now I’m off to the kitchen to make tiramisu for Simon’s social committee meeting this evening – desserts apparently being de rigour for the smooth running of these meetings.  Then I will be spending some time bonding with my new iron.


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