celebrity rules

The US elections have been getting a lot of coverage in the press over here.  On BBC Radio 4 yesterday there was a lot of discussion of whether this was time well spent or not.  After all:

  1. we can’t vote in it
  2. the actual election isn’t til November
  3. (the sour grapes point) the US doesn’t care about our politics

One commentator pointed out that on Tuesday almost as much space in the British press had been devoted to US politics as to Britney Spears.  Yikes!  Everytime that thought crosses my mind (and believe me that has been much too frequently for comfort)  my entire brain and my power of speech shut off completely and I am left with a silent scream forming in my throat.



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2 responses to “celebrity rules

  1. Press love Britney ,eh ?

  2. slgb65

    If you think you are hearing about it you should be here. Grrrrrrr
    I am so tired of hearing about Britney and her sister.
    And I would love to disappear until after elections.
    It is a lot of hogwash.
    Events are just showing how close we are to the end. That is to Christs return.

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