The heating engineer has just been and I am very relieved to say that we now have heating and hot water again.  He has managed to do a temporary repair which should hold until the parts needed to actually fix the system arrive.  I am very grateful and feeling much more positive!  Keeping an 84 year old on warfarin warm with no heating is a challenge.  Hot water bottles are a wonderful invention!  I’m looking forward to my bath after dinner.

I didn’t find out the details of what went wrong with the heating system this time.  I was happy to know that it involved the boiler in garage rather than the storage tank and pump that live in the airing cupboard.  The airing cupboard houses all our towels and bedding and I was dreading emptying it out for the engineer to get in.  I would show considerably more interest in what has broken down except:

  1. in every Church house I have ever lived in the heating has broken down every winter (actually last winter was the one exception that proves the rule).  In more misanthropic moments I actually think that the engineers damage things deliberately during the summer service.  In January 2000 I had no heating for a full fortnight and it was very cold.
  2. I don’t pay the bill – the diocese does, just like a landlord. 
  3. While some engineers like the motivation of a woman watching them work, handing them tools, helping them and generally admiring their skill, this one prefers to work alone.
  4. My husband was doing a great job of asking about the details and looking as if it actually made sense to him.


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  1. Hello! I have just come across your blog and absolutely love it! I hope you don’t mind me stopping by and reading through all your posts and pictures – just wonderful!

    I am glad to hear that you have heating and hot water again! Just having moved here to Kentucky from Florida…we are still adjusting to the cooler climate and not sure if I would cope as well without having heat! Enjoy your hot bath!!! :O)

    Love and God’s Blessings,

  2. slgb65

    Well that answers my question. I was coming by to see if you were still in need of a bath. But I am glad that all is fixed.
    I was wondering in you were in your own place or something provided by the church. Here we call the house a church provides the parsonage.
    Ours is very old too. It has not central heat which is kind of strange in our area. No one is living it it now since our pastor has his own house.
    I hate having to deal with service people when hubby is not home. Trying to remember what they say and all the tech terms drives me batty.
    We are in a rental now so the owner pays when things go wrong!!!! Nice!
    Glad you are all warm and clean again!! 🙂

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