In which I moan

The weather here is horrible at the moment:  heavy rain and strong winds (severe weather warning is in fact in place in some parts of  the country).  Great weather to walk the dog in, but dogs have to be walked.  Strangely enough there was hardly anyone else out there, but one of the few dogs around did manage to run straight into my right leg and knock me down.  It must have been fun to watch – it collided with me and I went straight down. Onto my front.  In the mud.  A nice lump and large bruise are coming up on my shin right now.  Adding insult to injury we have no heating/ hot water at home as our system broke down first thing yesterday morning.  The temperature outside is 11°C/52°F, and inside it is 12°C/54°F – it may be horrendously wet and miserable here but we are thankful that it is relatively mild.  An engineer is coming out sometime this afternoon so I am hoping that I will be able to have a hot bath and a warm house (with hot radiators to dry wet clothes on) this evening. 



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2 responses to “In which I moan

  1. mrsc

    Oh dear poor you, I was walking our dog this morning in the dark it was pouring down, but like you say they have to be walked, and normally I really enjoy it.

    Here’s hoping you get to have your lovely hot bath, don’t forget the bubbles 🙂 In the meantime don’t forget to put lots of layers on to keep warm.

  2. slgb65

    I normally love rainy weather–but I can see how the cold would take the fun out of that. 🙂
    I do hope it gets fixed soon and it is not too expensive.

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