adoption application update

Our social worker’s line-manager contacted us last week to say that our social worker is ill – she has had a minor op and recovery has not gone as well as predicted – she will be off until the end of this month (at least).  While this is definitely not good news (and we do feel sorry for our social worker who is very nice) it is a relief to know where we are as we had realised that something was not right.  We had hoped that we would be at panel in February, that is certainly no longer a possibility.  There is only one panel (panel decides whether to approve for adoption or not) a month, so all this represents a considerable delay.  Originally we had hoped to be through panel before the end of last year, so things really are moving slowly.  We signed our formal application in March ’07, and according to government guidelines panel should be within 8 months of that, so we are feeling a little frustrated.



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4 responses to “adoption application update

  1. We had friends that adopted a few years ago and we were able to be a part of their whole process – amazing all that one must do and go through before even being considered! Certainly y’all would feel frustrated – I would too! Sometimes there are reasons for these delays that we don’t understand or see – but we have the reassurance that God does and He has it all under control. Isn’t that wonderful?! Maybe this delay has to do with your child. In the end, you will get to see the who, what, where and whys and understand.

    Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your process. I know that those who come across your blog and are in the same position find it comforting to know that someone else is going through the same thing and have you and your husband as a great lead to follow in how to handle it all – even the tough bits.

    Love and God’s Blessings,

  2. lisa4011

    I totally understand your frustration, I am very sorry that you have been delayed again. It is very good that they are waiting for your social worker though, instead of throwing your completed file at an overworked replacement. At least you are being kept in the loop, still, I feel for you.

  3. I’m so sorry. I can see why you are frustrated. May the Lord fill you with His peace.

  4. Hold on!
    God has a special little one for you. Maybe He is waiting for them to be born?
    We He opens the door not one person will be able to shut it.
    Our pastor yesterday reminded us to look for the things to be thankful for during the “hard” times.
    So–for you–I am thankful that our God is faithful and that no one hold greater authority than He.

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