Bible in 40 days, and more

I ended up starting the reading plan on Thursday.  I made such slow headway in Genesis on Wednesday that when I realised I was looking at a choice between completing my allotted reading and going to Church I decided to start afresh on Thursday.  Having to make a choice between worship and reading the Bible seemed daft to put it mildly!

I do have a reading plan I’m working from – it is a book with a brief commentary for each day to help focus the mind and is called “the Bible message in 40 days – for women”.  I saw it in a Christian bookshop at the beginning of last month and ended up making a trip back earlier this week to buy it.  At the moment I’m feeling that dividing the number of pages by the number of days might have been a better way of doing things as the plan is a touch uneven – today is Leviticus and Deuteronomy (they do fit well together but that is a long read).  I’ve finished Leviticus (just under 2 hours), but still have Deuteronomy to go.  So why am I sitting at the computer, you ask.  Well, I really needed a break.  And to hoover downstairs and wash the kitchen floor. . .  So far I’m not getting up earlier in the morning (just reading at night with a torch under the duvet!).

What else has been going on? 

  • Our Church is hosting a model train enthusiasts’ gathering and display today – I’m not a fan and haven’t gone (but my father-in-law has actually been helping out which is great), Simon isn’t a fan either but, of course, has to be there!  I’ve suggested Isaiah 6.1 as a verse for him to contemplate! 
  • I’ve scrubbed the sink, cupboards, woodwork, surfaces, windows and tiles in the utility room (which doubles as my father-in-law’s smoking room and has thus been turning a disgusting browny-orange).  That was a labour-intensive job, but well worth it as the room looks so much better now.  Much nicer to go into now.  Mind you, it was a testament to the damage caused by smoking. . .
  • I’ve finally got a lipstick that suits me (without lipstick and blusher my face looks as if I’ve just been helped from a coffin) – I went to a Clinique counter and just put myself in the hands of the very nice lady there.  I’ve had to move to their mascara as I’m allergic to my former (cheaper) brand.  With my purchase of two items I got a bonus box of small size items, all of which are actually suitable for me, including another flattering lipstick and a small mascara – that should be me kitted out for the year!
  • I’ve found a dentist and am going next Wednesday.
  • I’m presiding at Church tomorrow.  My husband feels it is now right that I should lead worship here on a regular basis.  I’ve only taken 3 services in the last 4 years so I’m a little rusty!


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7 responses to “Bible in 40 days, and more

  1. Wow! That is quite the undertaking. I’m sure it would be very interesting to get such big chunks at a time.
    Daniel would be in love with the trains. (Isaiah 6:1–very funny).
    Have you seen The Vicar of Dibley? We love British comedies and just found this one. Hilarious! I am sure you are nothing like Gerry though. Except maybe for the chocolate addiction that she had to give up for Lent :-).

  2. vicaragekate

    Funnily enough Simon and I watch more American TV (higher moral content) – maybe we should swap countries! I was never such a huge fan of the Vicar of Dibley, but we both used to enjoy Father Ted (a Catholic friend recommended it. My mother thought it was a documentary at first. . .). When I moved from wearing long hair up all the time to a shorter “do” my hairdresser was adamant that a bob would work best for me, especially with a dog collar, cassock etc. It took me three months before I realised her inspiration for the haircut was the Vicar of Dibley . . .happily it does suit me (even though I’m a lot slimmer than Dawn French). I have sat through PCC meetings just like the ones on Vicar of Dibley, though. . .

  3. We just got a new season from the library and were a little surprised because it seemed to go a lot further than the episodes that we saw before. Markus loved just watching the PCC meetings. The comedies that we love most are Jeeves and Wooster and Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister. Oh, and Mr. Bean. We keep saying that Bean has to be autistic because some of the things he does are so much like Daniel. It does seem like there is a definite moral difference between the two countries based on some previews that we have seen. Of course, since we can only watch things on our dvd player we don’t get a broad sampling of sitcoms, American or British. We usually just see what the library has to offer. If my dad moves in with us which we hope he will, we will have to get cable or something so he can watch his sports games:-).

  4. Oh, did you ever see “Bless Me Father”? Markus ends up rolling on the floor with that one.

  5. vicaragekate

    I’ve never seen “Bless me Father”* but I have read the books (written by Neil Boyd, who ended up leaving the RC priesthood to marry) – very funny! We are big P.G. Wodehouse fans, and the Jeeves and Wooster adaptation are absolutely brilliant, perfectly in the spirit of the original books. (It is no coincidence our dog is called “Bertie”!)
    *I wonder if I can rent them from – I’ll look into that.

  6. Markus and I are always speaking to each other in Wodehouse-isms. Whenever the children are misbehaving we turn to each other and say, “Bertie, it is people like you that make people like me, with the future of the human race at heart, despair.”

  7. vicaragekate

    LOL! Aunt Agatha makes the blood run cold even on the printed page!

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