Monday – day out


Monday is Simon’s day off and we usually like to give the dog a really good walk.  Yesterday the weather was sunny and unseasonably warm and we decided to explore Reigate Hill (south of London) for a change.   (We often end up at Box Hill which was the location for the picnic in Emma – for those of you who are Jane Austen fans.) 

I actually took my camera – so you can see a little of what we enjoyed!

The path we were walking on is part of the old pilgrim’s route to Canterbury (so at least we still kept a literary link, we were trying to remember quotes from Chaucer!).

The first photo shows some of the view with Bertie looking unusually calm and surveying the land.  The second is of a folly built at the beginning of the 20th century by a Colonel Inglis, the third photo shows some of the mosaic on the ceiling of the folly.  I couldn’t find any more information there about this folly, usually known as the “Inglis memorial”  – but I’ve always had a soft spot for these strange little structures that were built in various styles in different areas of the country (mainly in the 19th Cent.) commissioned and paid for by the “bettermost folk” to provide paid work at times of hardship.



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4 responses to “Monday – day out

  1. The pictures are great and I love the one of the Bertie – what a cutie!

    On the Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) here they have been showing a series on Jane Austen’s books and the movies that have been made. My youngest daughter and I have enjoyed watching them and rereading Jane Austen’s books.

    You live in such a wonderful area…I hope to visit one day.

    xox Cat

  2. THANK you for the pictures!
    The mosaic is beautiful–I am glad that the bettermost folk had it done. 😉
    Nice little bit of history!

  3. vicaragekate

    Come on over and visit us!

  4. I would…in a heartbeat! I have wanted to since I was 5 years old!

    Right now I am finishing up with Miss Read’s Fairacre Chronicles and have really enjoyed reading the books. Her descriptions of village life and the people within it are similar to living in a small town here – something I have been trying to adjust to since our move from Orlando to a town of 1800 people. I love the way she handles situations that arise and again…something I have learned that can be a fine art. ;O)

    I digress…

    I would most definitely love to visit and I’m afraid I would never want to leave! ;O)

    If y’all ever decide to come to the US – please let us know! Most go to Disney World but should you decide to come here…you are most welcome!

    xo Cat

    xo Cat

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