film – Amazing Grace

Simon and I have finally been able to watch the film “Amazing Grace”.  Brilliant!  William Wilberforce’s wife sounds like an amazing lady, too, I’d like to find out a little more about her.



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2 responses to “film – Amazing Grace

  1. Great movie and I agree about William’s wife! She was somewhat of a fire under him to get him going and to continue even when times are tough! A great example to wives in supporting husbands in what they are doing. Old fashioned idea these days but one I truly believe in.

    xo Cat
    (The children have a snow day today which I giggle over due to the amount of snow we had (very little) but it is hard to get them to concentrate knowing that their friends are off from school.)

  2. I tried watching this one night when I was very tired–slept through most of it and then had to return it the next day.
    I will have to try again. I know the music to this movie is great.
    Happy Valentines day!

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