Whoever said “you have to suffer

to be beautiful” wasn’t wrong.  I’ve just been punched in the eye by my threading lady.  The thread snapped rather abruptly while she was working on my right eyebrow and as a result she whacked me in the left eye. 

You should see what she does to unruly customers!



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4 responses to “Whoever said “you have to suffer

  1. Pardon my ignorance, but what is threading? And whatever it is being punched in the eye sounds painful.

  2. Ha! I know what threading is!
    I really should not gloat since I just learned it about two months ago.
    Really…next time you must behave yourself…..one eyebrow would be a horrible thing. 😦

  3. vicaragekate

    Threading is a method of hair removal which is popular in India and Pakistan (we have a large Indian community in this area). The threader uses a spool of thread, anchors it with her teeth and holds it in some kind of cat’s cradle type of way. Then, in a way I still don’t understand, she pulls out hairs with the thread (you have to hold the skin taut yourself, it is a procedure that needs four hands). It is very effective, and much kinder to the skin than tweezing (no ingrowing hairs). The hairs have to be allowed to grow to a reasonable length in between (usually 4-6 weeks). Round here it is cheap – £5 for eyebrows and upper lip (waxing would be easily double that). Oh, I forget to mention that it HURTS (and that is without being punched in the eye). Seriously, though, my eye is fine and my eyebrows look good, although I might be a little nervous if I get the same threading lady next time!

  4. Wow! That is interesting. You learn something new every day. I hate being the hairy creature that I am. I recently discovered an all-natural waxing kit which I have been using. It is more effective and pain free that I though it would be now that I have the hang of it.

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