We have some family friends visiting us from France today. Something of a surprise, we have only known they were coming for a few days.  Even though we could easily have accomodated them at the last minute they have opted to stay in a bed and breakfast nearby (they have been so generous in hospitality to us in the past that we would really love to have an opportunity to host them in return).  We will be entertaining and feeding them, however, so the menu for today has had to be changed – in the place of slow-cooked lamb we will now be having le rosbif (what else?) complete with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, gravy, carrots and broccoli, with trifle to follow.

  This friendship goes back a very long time.  Bernard stayed with Simon’s parents as a foreign student when he was 18.  (At the time Simon was being fostered by them.  Simon was the first baby he ever held.)  He came to look on his host parents as an extension of his family, and a lasting bond was formed.  In due course he had children and married Françoise, his daughters being little younger than Simon’s little sister. 

They will be here until Wednesday, so the menu planning for the week has been suspended until we know what we are doing and when.  We are entertaining other guests on Thursday so we will be having the lamb then.



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  1. Have a wonderful time! :O)

    xo Cat

  2. Enjoy your company!
    Hope you got your dishwasher fixed before company got there. Of course old fashioned washing will always do. 🙂

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