My father-in-law has been doing some of the washing-up since the machine broke down.  He is a lot slower than a machine, (wash a cup, have a cigarette; wash a plate, have a cup of tea. . . ) and is very happy to see the end of the chore coming with the arrival of a new machine TODAY.

I was annoyed to find out that fixing our 20 month old Beko would cost at least £143 (the machine is currently retailing at £190).  This seems such a waste of a machine and all the materials used in it.  As it was uneconomical to fix it we have bit the bullet and bought a new one, this time we are paying a bit more for a better class of machine (different manufacturer, funnily enough) and we are purchasing a 5 year warranty for it.  The new machine with warranty, delivery, installation and removal of old machine will set us back £393.  (compared to £273 for the same machine we have now with a 3 year warranty this does work out more economical)

I did seriously contemplate waiting until Easter to replace the dishwasher.  I felt doing the washing up by hand fitted in nicely with the Lenten spirit of denial, self-sacrifice, but I cracked! (It would have been really useful to have the machine before our French guests arrived, but nevermind.  I’m now even more grateful to have a machine than before!)



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2 responses to “Dishwashers

  1. Hurray on your new dishwasher!

    ox Cat

  2. Good for you!
    Sometimes I can do two loads a day in my dishwasher-that is a lot to wash by hand. And yes, I am probably spoiled–but it is so nice to have.

    You’ll be glad to have no dirty dishes in the sink.

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