None the wiser

We had a lovely time last week with our French friends and with some other friends who visited us at very short notice.  All in all, it ended up being a very sociable week.  It was marvelous to have the new dishwasher up and running mid-week – such a relief.

I saw a gynaecologist in Harley Street last week through St Luke’s Clergy Hospital.  I was very grateful to this gentleman who saw me as a volunteer – a way for him to give to Church workers.  However, I am none the wiser, or at best only a little wiser.  He told me that me periods were “very abnormal” – it is quite comforting to hear that from an expert, I had felt for ages that I just had to put up with it and soldier on, and I had been wondering increasingly how so many women managed to be so active around the month.  To my surprise he dismissed the cyst on my ovary as unimportant (I’m seeing someone else through the NHS about this on Thursday so we’ll see what they say) – even more surprising as it has been causing quite some discomfort over the past three weeks (in retrospect I think he might have misread the referral letter reading the cyst wall thickness as total size).  He thinks I have a systemic problem that some women have which is part and parcel of my bruising easily (he said it could be understood as like a female form of haemophilia but obviously not as dangerous).  It was all very interesting, but no solutions to anything.  In order to have birth children he recommended IVF, not an option for us as we don’t have the finances anyway.  The solution to my monthly problems would be a partial hysterectomy which I am not willing to go through with.  He dismissed the medication I have just started on, Tranexamic acid, as not very effective, however it does seem to have helped on the last two cycles and I will keep on with it for a few more months until it is really clear whether it is helpful for me or not.



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4 responses to “None the wiser

  1. pauseforamoment

    Kate, as a fellow sufferer I am so sympathetic to you! Praying that the Lord will lead you through this. It is a hard journey, isn’t it?


  2. Hi,
    Time And health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.

  3. vicaragekate

    Thank you, Valerie, that is so sweet of you. Praying for you, too. . .
    Do you have a blog? – if so the address hasn’t come up – it would be great to hear about your life in Oz.

  4. Ah – yes – if I remain signed in to wordpress it doesn’t show up. How about now?

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