I’ve just got back from an appointment with a gynaecologist at the hospital.  She scanned me and said the cyst on my left ovary (which is still there and is 3cm) is a “classic endometrioma”.  She said she couldn’t understand why I hadn’t been put straight on the list for an operation before, and has put me on the waiting list as urgent to have it removed.  She thinks while they have me under anaesthetic they should also check to make sure I don’t have a polyp in my womb (which is something the Harley Street chap wanted to do, but he dismissed my scan results showing the cyst as insignificant). 

Although I’m on the list as urgent I have no idea how long I will be waiting for the op.  I do know that the two surgeons operate on Thursdays (only) – so I know what day of the week it will be!



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2 responses to “endometriosis

  1. I hope you can get this taken care of soon so that you will be free from the pain. I hope you get some other answers too. Praying for you.

  2. I haven’t blogged about this, but I had surgery for severe endo just over a year ago. If you have any questions feel free to email me. vallylg@gmail.com

    Let us know when the surgery is so we can pray!

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