fatigue in the kitchen

Things are wearing out in the kitchen, and I’m not just referring to myself.  Yesterday one of the dough hooks on my mixer sheared off as I while I was making the week’s supply of bread.  Last week the pyrex jug exploded while I was making gravy (I was unharmed but my skirt was drenched in hot gravy.  I had gravy on the cupboard, in the cupboard, over the floor, dripping from the surfaces. . . That was fun to clear up. I’d made 2 pints so that I could give some to the dog with his dry food over the next couple of days as well as the quota needed for our roast dinner.  You can imagine the impact throwing 2 pints of gravy around a kitchen can have.)  All this is adding an extra element of danger to cooking.  Even the dog is preferring to watch from a safe distance in the hallway!


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  1. Your new name is “Whoflungchow”. Did you let the dog come and lick the kitchen down?
    I am prone to burning myself in the kitchen while my mom and mother-in-law are prone to cutting themself. Destructive bunch, eh.
    Hope you can get your mixer fixed.

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