Bible in 40 days

My challenge to myself to read the Bible in 40 days (over the course of this Lent) is being, well, challenging.  I am currently behind schedule (“so what is she doing on the computer?” I hear you ask) – not helped by the fact that the second half of 2 Kings saw me fall asleep repeatedly.  In fact, it was just like my student days when I used to fall asleep in libraries.*  I settled down to 2 Kings at 10.00 am and woke up at 1.00pm.  I had a brief break for a cup of tea and slice of toast and peanut butter, then fell asleep over the Bible again.  I finally managed to pull myself together at about teatime.  At bedtime I fell asleep as Simon read Cervantes’ Don Quixote to me (we are making slowww progress with that book, too).  Although I’m struggling to read fast enough to read through the Bible by Easter I am really getting a lot out of it.  As I am covering so much so quickly it is all a lot fresher in my mind as I read.  I am certainly enjoying it, and am so glad I took on this challenge.

*On one occasion when I was enjoying an impromptu nap in the Radcliffe Camera (see pic. – part of the Bodleian Library, Oxford) a fellow student dropped by to use a book I had with me.  Finding me asleep she took the book to a nearby seat and left me a note for when I woke up.  When she returned the book I still hadn’t woken up.  I slept on blissfully as she placed the book next to my hand and amended her note.  In my defence,  I was hardly the only student to fall asleep in libraries – some days there would be rows of us with our heads resting on the desk, awaking with a start some time later and worriedly checking whether we’d dribbled on our books.  Curiously, I was then, and still am, incapable of sleeping while travelling, or indeed in any other public setting.


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  1. Glad you are getting on with your reading–and that you are getting something out of it.
    My Dad used to say if you were having problems sleeping-pull out your Bible and satan will put you to sleep. 🙂
    Wouldn’t that be something to walk into a doctors office and ask for a sleeping aid and be handed a Bible? 😉

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