Since I was online last:

  • My mother has been staying, and she, Simon and I have spent a couple of evenings playing Settlers of Catan.
  • I bought a new office chair for Simon from Ikea (and my mother helped me assemble it) – it is fantastically comfortable, even Simon has taken to it straight away (usually it takes about three months for him to accustom himself to such dramatic changes). 
  • With some muscle help from my mother I have got my first ever vegetable bed ready.  I built a wooden frame three weeks ago, my mother helped with the earth moving, and now I just need to plant out the seedlings I have sprouting in the utility room. 
  • We have had half the lead stolen off our Church roof.  Most of our Church has a tiled roof, but the small chapel has a leaded roof.  Only now it has half a leaded roof.  And the Church has a walk-through shallow baptistry.  I suggested that instead of the foot-washing on Maundy Thursday we all just paddle through the chapel and Simon can stand at the other side with the towels and dry off our feet as we come out.  We wonder if we will have the other half of the lead for much longer. 
  • I have spent a chunk of time on the ‘phone to the hospital trying to get an idea of when I might get operated on and whether there might be a cancelation I could take.  The woman who answered the number I called originally said “Oh, no, that’s not us, you need to talk to —- number”.  So I rang that number and got the same response.  And again.  And again.  Sixth number is apparently the charm – we think – however the woman concerned is off sick and may be back tomorrow.
  • The dog has tried to kill me again.  I’m convinced he is trying to take me out of the equation so he has the master to himself.  Maybe I’m just being paranoid and he is merely trying to maim me.  Suffice it to say that I have a golf ball sized lump at the side of my forehead from his latest attempt.  In addition to the pain I feel a bit fuzzy.  Not that anyone would be able to tell.  In case you think that I am maligning an unusually attractive spaniel, the tally of injuries inflicted on me so far includes, but is not limited to,
    • a chipped tooth, bruised ribs (very painful), bruised and cut knee, bruised chin, pulled muscles, cuts on face, and almost perpetually bruised shins. 

(At the moment the dog is curled up under the desk, probably planning his next attack)


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