For some reason the dog has it in for me this week.  Not contenting himself with trying to knock me out on Monday (I’m still impressively swollen, but now feeling considerably less dazed), he has launched a vendetta against my vegetable patch.  I’m very pleased with my little (2m x 1m approx.) veggie bed – my first one ever, my first time growing veg – and I’d show you a picture except you would be hard pushed to spot the bed amongst all the anti-dog barricades.



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2 responses to “vendetta

  1. Other than a fence I don’t know what to do to keep a dog out. I know with a cat you can try Cayenne and ammonia. With a deer –you can use human hair.
    Dogs–spray him with a water hose. Then you get to enjoy wet dog smell. 😦
    But–I do hope something survived. It will be so nice to have fresh veggies from all your hard work.
    Last year we had fresh peas and corn. It was great but my corn did not freeze well.

  2. vicaragekate

    He got UNDER the fence! I’ve erected a barricade of branches around the fence. He knows he is not to go in there, so as long as he thinks one of us is watching the veggie plot is safe. On the plus side, he does keep the birds away from the seeds. . .
    I’m fascinated by the thought that human hair keeps deer away.

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