back from our holidays

We got back from our holiday in North Devon late yesterday afternoon.  London seems much warmer, and the house is certainly warmer than the trailer that was our home for the week.  I loved the trailer (despite the cold).  It was smaller than our bedroom here and yet was the perfect size for a week’s holiday.  We had to be much tidier than we usually are, putting things away in cupboards straight away rather than letting them clutter up valuable floor/surface space.  This was our first time in either a caravan or a trailer, and just like the times we have been (tent-) camping, it has made me want to declutter.  Anyhow, we had a great rest, with a little bit of exercise and rather more over-eating!

This 29 x 10 ft beauty was our home for the week:


A taste of the landscape of North Devon:


Tintagel castle in (North) Cornwall, and Clovelly in North Devon.  We walked from the campsite to Clovelly and back (7 miles round trip) – the next day we tried to drive in to discover that “parking and entry” to the village cost a whopping £5.50 each (we decided to drive on!).


As you can see we were blessed with good weather.  It did actually rain a lot, but almost entirely at night!  It is hard to believe that it was snowing when we left home and for most of our journey.

Now I am busy catching up on all the laundry!



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3 responses to “back from our holidays

  1. How fun!
    I love camping-just not living in a camper. Although I have done that for 6 months while trying to build a house.
    And I will agree with you on the clutter–not a lot of room for any of it.
    Loved the pictures. Wish I could make them larger. What a neat looking little village.
    I am glad ya’ll had good weather-it makes enjoying the country side so much nicer.

  2. Glad you had a great time. I’ve missed you sharing bits of you life and the bits the dog is taking out of your life:-). We will be heading to Germany for a few days but will not be having a layover in England. I alway thought it would be neat to try to look you up if I was ever on the other side of the pond. Not this time, but maybe there will be another.

  3. vicaragekate

    I still don’t have the technology sussed – I’d expected the photos to enlarge when clicked on, I’ve obviously gone wrong somewhere. We are still getting to grips with the digital camera, too. All this new technology!
    Leigh Ann – have a great time in Germany. If you ever fancy a detour to London it would be so great to meet you.

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