I had my pre-op assessments this morning and it is now official – I am going in for surgery tomorrow afternoon (they are planning to remove the endometrioma laparoscopically, also to do a hysteroscopy to check for uterine polyps, run dye through my tubes, and basically do whatever else seems appropriate when they are in there).  I have to present myself at the day surgery unit at midday, and I can keep drinking water until 11.30! The nurse told me that it has now been proven that being well-hydrated means quicker recovery from anaesthesia.  Makes sense to me – before my last op I got myself up in the middle of the night to drink as much water as possible while I was still allowed to.  I am also allowed to have breakfast, as long as I don’t eat anything after 7.30am, so no long hours of fasting.  All seems very humane!

I will be off-line until next week while I recover, see you all when I get back!



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  1. MrsC

    Good luck with the op, I will be thinking of you x

  2. Goodness I missed this post. Little too late to pray for the procedure but I will pray for continued swift recovery time.
    I wonder what they found. And if they were able to clear anything out that might have been stopping pregnancy.
    Get some good rest.
    And I hope those men are helping with the cooking and cleaning.

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