going organic

Because of our concerns over animal welfare (and the impact on us of eating unhealthy animals) last year we moved to eating only free-range meat, and organic when we found it on special offer.  Now, finally, concerned about the impact of agro-chemicals on the environment and on us, we have made the commitment to organic fruit and veg.  We have placed an order with a group of farms and we will be getting a weekly box of fruit and veg.  Our first delivery has just arrived:

potatoes, onions, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, aubergine (egg-plant), cabbage, beetroot, oranges, apples and pears

Our box will be different each week to give us a good variety, changing according to what is in season.  It is really exciting finding out what we’ve got!  Menu planning will now have to wait until I know what I’ve got to cook with, though.  My menu for this week changed within seconds of working it out as a very kind member of our church family just came round with some food for us!  She is a fabulous cook and has brought us a scrumptious Burmese dish for dinner tonight.  Yum!  The menu for the rest of the week is:

  • dinner tomorrow (Wednesday): Chicken and mushrooms in a savoury white sauce, rice, broccoli
  • Thursday:  chicken soup (we had roast chicken at the weekend and this will be the last meal of it)
  • Friday:  pasta with fish
  • Saturday:  stuffed aubergine, rice
  • Sunday: roast beef, roast pots, carrots, cabbage
  • Monday:  ?possibly out to dinner?

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the beetroot.  I might have a go at making borscht soup – I have visions of my hands, arms and kitchen turned beetroot red, though. 



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2 responses to “going organic

  1. What fun!
    That would be an awesome service to find around here. We don’t have farmers like that in our area-I don’t think. But it would be fun to get a surprise box each week.
    I love the creativity that you put into your meal planning. Sometimes I get so board with the things I cook.
    And yes I know about red hands from beets—also pealing eggplant will turn your hands another color too. Found this out when I was in the restaurant business. We were running a eggplant pirogue(eggplant pealed and then battered and fried) special. We would often fill them with seafood in a cream sauce. If I remember my hands were stained for days.
    We would also do an eggplant Parmesan. Sometimes instead of frying the eggplant we would grill it.
    Have a good week.

  2. Valerie

    Kate, something I do quite often with beetroot (we love it!) is quarter or eighth it, roast with a bit of olive oil and a splash of balsamic and some sea salt, for about an hour or until it is fairly tender. You can eat this with a number of things and it keeps quite well in the fridge for a few days. My favourite is to serve it as a salad with a bit of rocket and lentils, or with chunks of goat cheese or feta cheese. The sweet beetroot marries well with the salty cheese and the spicy rocket. I could eat that every day!

    In summer, I also make another salad with beetroot, red onion (about a quarter) a green apple, a couple of carrots, fresh coriander, lemon juice and olive oil, blitzed in the food processor. The beetroot is raw for this one. You can peel it, but I never bother!

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