veggie tales

In our veg box this week are:  potatoes, carrots, spring greens, salad onions, aubergine, mushrooms, broccoli and wet garlic.  I’d never even heard of wet garlic before, apparently it is just garlic harvested earlier in the season.  It looks like extra-large spring onions but with a garlicky aroma.  My box came complete with a recipe for spring greens with wet garlic, so I think that’s what I’ll be making with it – sounds like a good accompaniment to white fish.  Tonight we are having the cabbage left over from last week’s box with cottage pie made from the remains of Sunday’s roast beef.  I’ll be working on the rest of this week’s menu tonight while Simon has a guitar lesson from a friend.  Now, where did I put those ear plugs. . .



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  1. Fun Fun!
    I had never heard of wet garlic either. Interesting.
    Keith and I were talking about how nice it would be if our new home had place for a garden. He loves getting out and working with his tractor–so it would save a lot of work. I have enjoyed canning in the past—it would be nice to be canning my own veggies.
    One day!

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